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Rare Replay

30 years, 30 games

Bringing together some of Rare's most beloved games and landmark achievements, selected from 30 years of console and computer formats!

These are complemented by new Snapshot challenges, a grand total of 10,000 gamerscore including the Xbox 360 titles, and a whole gallery of unlockable Rare Revealed content – featuring Making Of videos, unreleased tunes and concept artwork, and world's first looks at prototype projects that never hit the shelves. 

Rare Replay was a project that benefited massively from the enthusiasm of its team: a dedicated bunch merging long-term Rare veterans with newer recruits who'd grown up living and breathing these very games. 

Update: from January 2023, anyone who owns a digital copy of Rare Replay can also download and enjoy the classic GoldenEye 007! Visit Xbox Wire to find out more.

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