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About Rare

Rare has been making games the world doesn’t have for over three decades through evolving our studio, thinking ahead and being bold while creating a spirit of togetherness for our team founded on genuine support for each other.

We create the kind of games the world doesn’t have.

Rare is a legendary development studio dedicated to creating the kind of games the world doesn’t have. Our games are created with passion, inspired to be distinctive and designed to bring friends together to share stories and make memories.

Nowhere is this clearer than in our ever-evolving, award-winning, shared-world pirate adventure Sea of Thieves, which continues to be one of this generation’s most creative and successful new IPs.

Alongside continuing to surprise and delight our players on the seas, our team is creating the next IP from Rare: Everwild, a restorative magical, natural world filled with creatures, spirits, wonder and friendship.

An Everwild creature

We’re explorers, creators, and magic-makers

We forge new paths, building worlds and adventures to surprise and delight players around the world. We’re brave with our ideas and ambitious in creating magical, distinctive games that shape communities and make memories.

We embrace opportunities to evolve

As a studio, we evolve through looking to and shaping the future. Rare games evolve with our players, to unlock unbound potential together.

As individuals, we evolve through feedback, learning and having a growth mindset.

We care for each other and thrive together

Our spirit of togetherness is founded on genuine support for one another. We lift each other up, nurture our team’s growth and build our games on the belief that team health and happiness are fundamental to our success.

Rare Awards

Rare Awards

Over the course of three decades, we've picked up enough awards from all over the globe to keep us on our toes when it comes to ordering new shelves. Our gratitude goes out to all those organisations, magazines and websites that have deemed our games worthy of official recognition.

See more about all the opportunities we have at Rare on our Careers page.