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Speculative Applications: Production

Production At Rare

At Rare, being a member of the Production team means that you're involved in pretty much all areas of a project. As a Producer, your job will range from setting initial goals and thinking about player value, to working with various teams to maintain velocity and deliver the right work at the right time. You're a born communicator who can work through complex problems with others, and you have a knack for bringing people together toward a common goal. Above all else, you'll help our team learn, grow, and improve, and deliver world-class games to our fans.

What We're Looking For

Player Focus

Whether it's a complex feature set or a minor tweak to how something feels in the game, you're obsessive about keeping the player experience a top priority.


You're comfortable talking openly and honestly with your peers, and you never shy away from providing feedback or receiving criticism. You feel empowered to solve problems and make things better for everyone else.

Constant Self-improvement

You never stop looking for ways to improve, whether that's taking on personal development or championing broader improvements to the studio as a whole.


You thrive working alongside others. You're comfortable managing a wide range of relationships that ensure that all disciplines are aligned and supporting each other.

Crisp Communication

When you talk, people listen. You reduce complex problems to dead-simple solutions, and you keep your partners and peers aligned on priorities and challenges alike.

Work Experience
Unfortunately we are unable to offer short-term work experience placements at Rare. If you are soon to graduate or have recently graduated, and are looking at internship programmes, you might like to check out our Internships page