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May '12 News Roundup May '12 News Roundup May '12 News Roundup May '12 News Roundup

May '12 News Roundup


Seven months after launch, we're still cranking the handle on the Kinect Sports: Season Two content generator. May saw the launch of the All Access Pass, bundling up and maximising the reach of every Season Two add-on pack we've liberated since last October. Three premium packs for Golf, Skiing and Basketball plus two free Challenge Packs in a discount download with go-faster stripes, making it an easy, hassle-free proposition for newly enlightened or encouraged buyers.

Beyond that, plenty happening on the wider Kinect Sports scene throughout May. Season Two picked up double exposure with a Develop Award nomination and inclusion in the Active Play PALA Challenge, while its predecessor found a place in the Xbox 360 Celebration Pack dropped into the lap of a British nation gearing up for the Diamond Jubilee.

Eyes right here on the site for ongoing updates through June and beyond, or stroll on back in a month to catch the edited highlights if you're not the commitment type...

Kinect Sports: Season Two All Access Pass – gimme five (for 800MSP)

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Season Two All Access Pass Trailer

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