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July '11 News Roundup July '11 News Roundup July '11 News Roundup

July '11 News Roundup


It’s been all hands on deck at Rare this month, as we continue to race towards the release of Kinect Sports: Season Two.

Despite this, we still found time to seek out our favourite office vistas, and uncover some boxart gems from the Far East. We also served up a double helping of Mini-Scribes for your delectation (you lucky things).

Beyond the gates of Rare HQ, football pundit Mark Lawrenson got his game on with Kinect Sports while 'keepy uppy' champ Dan Magness put his shoulders to good use by setting a new world record.

With Gamescom and PAX just around the corner, there should be a deluge of Season Two coverage in the coming weeks.

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