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Kameo: Elements of Power

Kameo: Elements of Power

Venture into a bold new world on Xbox 360. Having journeyed across three separate console formats since its 2001 debut, this fantasy blockbuster was a true epic by the time it came out fighting at the Xbox 360 launch in 2005, boasting plenty of classic Rare combat-exploration gameplay and dazzling next-gen visuals.

Kameo: Elements of Power

This is the beginning of a new age for both Kameo and the adventure she headlines, as fantasy epic Kameo: Elements of Power morphs into its final, most formidable form – expanded and improved upon in every way, fulfilling all expectations of a flagship next-generation title for Xbox 360.

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  • Platforms: Xbox 360
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Developer: Rare
  • Released: 2005-11-22
  • Game Rating: US: T | EU: 12+
  • Players: 1-2
  • Co-op
  • In-game Dolby Digital
  • HDTV 1080i
  • Storage Device
  • 2 Players
  • Xbox LIVE Co-op
  • Content Downloads
  • Leaderboards
  • Friends
  • Player Stats
  • Voice Messaging
  • Voice Support

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Kameo: Elements of Power Media

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    Kameo - Pummel Weed
  • Kameo - Rubble

    Kameo - Rubble
  • Kameo - Flex

    Kameo - Flex
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    Kameo - Snare
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    Kameo - Thermite
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    Kameo - Major Ruin
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  • Kameo: Elements of Power

    Kameo: Elements of Power
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    Kameo - 40 Below
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    Kameo - Chilla
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Kameo: Elements of Power Screenshots

  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Kameo: Elements of Power

Story So Far

Age of Conflict

Trolls, as everyone knows, are nothing but trouble.

   Long ago, so the tribal elders say, they were welcome inside Elfin borders. But while other tribes respected the leadership of King Solon and his Elves, the Trolls decided that there was more to be said for sheer physical size and aggression than wisdom and magical trickery. And so it was that Thorn, by far the strongest of his generation, rose quickly through the Troll ranks to become their own King.

   Nobody suspected that behind Thorn's impressive size was a mind to match, and he took advantage of their blindness to begin conquering the other tribes. King Solon may have seen what was happening, but as fate would have it he was away on the traditional quest of the Elfin Royal line: the search for the Elemental Warriors, living natural forces gifted to the Elves in a time long past.

   Since the day that those Warriors were seized by higher powers and scattered to the winds, the Elves had been duty-bound to seek out and return them to the pages of the fabled Wotnot Book. Solon was even more determined than most since he had inherited the Element of Power, which granted its wielder the ability to take on the forms of the Elemental Warriors themselves.

   In time Solon returned to his kingdom in triumph, where he discovered Thorn's actions and used the power of the Warriors to vanquish the Troll King, sending his treacherous race into exile. Sadly that day would bring curses and blessings in equal measure, for King Solon also vanished in the wake of battle. His fate would be anxiously disputed for years, but nobody ever knew for sure what had happened.

   History moved on, and Solon's wife Theena was left to rule the Kingdom with what remained of her family. At least there was peace once more in the tribal lands, and while some said that Thorn had not been killed, merely somehow confined, these doubts were not enough to keep folk from falling back into the simple pleasures of everyday life.

   Eventually attention turned to Kameo and Kalus, blossoming daughters of the Elfin Royal Family. All in the Kingdom knew that when they reached adulthood, one of these two Princesses would claim the throne, the Kingdom itself and the Element of Power, that which once commanded the Elemental Warriors and tamed the most infamous Troll of all. Surely such things could only bring only joy...

Cast List


The game's heroine, daughter of Theena, sister of Kalus, out to rescue the Ancestors and ultimately overthrow the Dark Troll King, Thorn. Kameo has the gift of transformation, allowing her to take on the form and abilities of any Elemental Warrior spirit that she discovers on the way.


Bitter to the point of betraying her family and the entire kingdom when the Element of Power was passed down to her younger sister Kameo, Kalus' choices have now set her on a dark road from which there may be no return, making her a sworn enemy of her own flesh and blood.


Dark overlord of the Trolls, sealed in stone following the last Great Battle but now free, all thanks to the jealousy of one woman. As he always has, Thorn seeks dominion over the whole kingdom and all the life it contains, and will use every weapon and wile at his disposal to get it.

The MysticThe Mystic

Although her attitude and appearance may be a little rough around the edges, the Mystic's wisdom and supernatural Sight mark her out as a useful ally in Kameo's quest. True, the Princess and the crone may seem an unlikely partnership, but they'll both have to learn to adapt...


Kameo stands to learn a great deal from Ortho (if she can bear his slightly pompous attitude) as her path winds into ever more distant and unfamiliar lands. Firmly enchanted into the Wotnot Book, the irritable wizard will always be on hand to offer advice, whether requested to or not.


This masked stranger's identity and motives are almost entirely unknown, though the soldiers speak in awe of his Troll-slaying skills on the field of battle. As he steps up to lead the Elves in place of Kameo's absent kin, this man of mystery's place in history will soon be revealed.

The AncestorsThe Ancestors

Boisterous Lenya, courageous Halis and wizened old Yeros: Kameo's three Ancestors have fallen under Thorn's control, along with Queen Theena herself. Can they be rescued in time, or will her mother's decision to favour Kameo tragically prove the undoing of them all?


Pummel WeedPummel Weed

A brash boxer from the undergrowth with a long reach and a short temper. Any Troll still standing after a ferocious combo should watch out as Pummel Weed rears up from the earth for the knockout blow.


With strong magical bonds ensuring that all body parts return to their host after an attack, Rubble can fire single or multiple rocks to stun targets from a distance, or simply self-detonate in a tight spot.


A hot-blooded and permanently hungry dragon, Ash's fireball blasts will drive off all but the most fearless foes in short order - particularly anyone daring to raise the touchy subject of those undersized wings!

Major RuinMajor Ruin

Passed down to Kameo along with the Element of Power, well-armoured Warrior Major Ruin is keen to start stretching those muscles and making it known that there's plenty of life left in the old warhorse yet.


Few adversaries are big enough or fast enough to escape those mighty jaws, and once caught, they're a great source of free ammunition (provided of course Snare can resist the temptation of a good hard bite)...

Deep BlueDeep Blue

While those tentacles may not be best suited to smooth movement on land, in the heat of battle Deep Blue's twin jet streams pack a similar punch to the torpedo attacks that come into play when submerged.


Not one for subtle methods, Chilla's a born brawler. This single-minded yeti is equally happy launching ice spears into the fray from afar or getting up close and clubbing one Troll unconscious with another.


The most agile of all the Warriors, Flex's rubbery, versatile form can make light work of seemingly impassable barriers such as wide ravines or bodies of water, and has its advantages in a combat situation too.

40 Below40 Below

When 40 Below gets worked into a spin, the resultant whirling dervish can mop up entire hordes of Trolls with ease. Any stragglers are considered fair game for a snowball flung with bone-breaking force.


Don't be discouraged by this Warrior's diminutive size, as the high-powered lava bombs launched from Thermite's fiery cauldron are capable of destroying some of the toughest obstacles in Kameo's path.


Kameo: Elements of Power Design 1Kameo: Elements of Power Design 1

Available in the following resolutions:

1280 x 1024 (563k) | 1024 x 768 (365k) | 800 x 600 (265k)

Kameo: Elements of Power Design 2Kameo: Elements of Power Design 2

Available in the following resolutions:

1280 x 1024 (538k) | 1024 x 768 (372k) | 800 x 600 (270k)

Kameo: Elements of Power Design 3Kameo: Elements of Power Design 3

Available in the following resolutions:

1280 x 1024 (477k) | 1024 x 768 (307k) | 800 x 600 (209k)

Kameo/PD Zero DesignKameo/PD Zero Design

Available in the following resolutions:

1280 x 1024 (264k) | 1024 x 768 (174k) | 800 x 600 (127k)


The full list of Xbox 360 Achievements available in Kameo: Elements of Power.

Found Pummel Weed (20G)
Kameo can transform into one Elemental Warrior.

Found Rubble (20G)
Kameo can transform into two Elemental Warriors.

Found Ash (20G)
Kameo can transform into three Elemental Warriors.

Freed Halis (100G)
Kameo rescued Halis from the Forest Temple.

Found Major Ruin (20G)
Kameo can transform into four Elemental Warriors.

Found Deep Blue (20G)
Kameo can transform into five Elemental Warriors.

Found Chilla (20G)
Kameo can transform into six Elemental Warriors.

Freed Lenya (100G)
Kameo saved Lenya from the Water Temple.

Found Flex (20G)
Kameo can transform into seven Elemental Warriors.

Found 40 Below (20G)
Kameo can transform into eight Elemental Warriors.

Found Snare (20G)
Kameo can transform into nine Elemental Warriors.

Freed Yeros (100G)
Kameo brought Yeros home from the Snow Temple.

Found Thermite (20G)
Kameo has command of all the Elemental Warriors!

Beaten Thorn (100G)
Kameo defeated the Troll King Thorn!

Game Complete (50G)
The game has been fully completed!!

Beaten Old Mawood (Co-Op) (10G)
Defeated Old Mawood in a Co-Op Quest.

Beaten Corallis (Co-Op) (10G)
Defeated Corallis in a Co-Op Quest.

Beaten Queen Thyra (Co-Op) (10G)
Defeated Queen Thyra in a Co-Op Quest.

Beaten Lord Drok (Co-Op) (10G)
Defeated Lord Drok in a Co-Op Quest.

Beaten Thorn (Co-Op) (10G)
Defeated Thorn in a Co-Op Quest.

Thorn's Castle ranking (50G)
'A' ranking on Thorn's Castle.

Thorn's Airship ranking (50G)
'A' ranking on Thorn's Airship.

Thorn's Pass ranking (50G)
'A' ranking on Thorn's Pass.

Snow Temple ranking (50G)
'A' ranking on Snow Temple.

Forgotten Forest ranking (50G)
'A' ranking on Forgotten Forest.

Water Temple ranking (50G)
'A' ranking on Water Temple.

DLC: Design-A-Skin Pack

And the winner is... (0G)
You've downloaded the winning skins from the Kameo Design-A-Skin competition!

DLC: Power Pack

Thorn's Castle Expert (0G)
Beat Thorn's Castle in Expert Mode

Forgotten Forest Expert (0G)
Beat Forgotten Forest in Expert Mode

Water Temple Expert (0G)
Beat Water Temple in Expert Mode

Snow Temple Expert (0G)
Beat Snow Temple in Expert Mode

Thorn's Pass Expert (0G)
Beat Thorn's Pass in Expert Mode

Thorn's Airship Expert (0G)
Beat Thorn's Airship in Expert Mode

Castle Time Attack 'A' (0G)
'A' rank on Time Attack (Thorn's Castle)

Forest Time Attack 'A' (0G)
'A' rank on Time Attack (Forgotten Forest)

Water Time Attack 'A' (0G)
'A' rank on Time Attack (Water Temple)

Snow Time Attack 'A' (0G)
'A' rank on Time Attack (Snow Temple)

Pass Time Attack 'A' (0G)
'A' rank on Time Attack (Thorn's Pass)

Airship Time Attack 'A' (0G)
'A' rank on Time Attack (Thorn's Airship)

Treasure Hunter (0G)
You've found a mythical Mystery Gem! (Rune Battle)

Rune Champion (0G)
You earned 5000 runes in a single battle!

DLC: Co-Op Pack

Thorn's Castle Co-Op 'A' (0G)
Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Thorn's Castle

Thorn's Airship Co-Op 'A' (0G)
Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Thorn's Airship

Thorn's Pass Co-Op 'A' (0G)
Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Thorn's Pass

Snow Temple Co-Op 'A' (0G)
Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Snow Temple

Forgotten Forest Co-Op 'A' (0G)
Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Forgotten Forest

Water Temple Co-Op 'A' (0G)
Got a Co-Op 'A' rank on Water Temple

10 Live Co-Op games (0G)
You've hosted 10 Xbox Live games on a single savegame!

20 Live Co-Op games (0G)
You've hosted 20 Xbox Live games on a single savegame!

50 Live Co-Op games (0G)
You've hosted 50 Xbox Live games on a single savegame!

Critics' Quotes

"This colorful, creative action adventure game is one of the most family-friendly titles among the Xbox 360's starting lineup, but it'll provide a great experience for just about any kind of game player. It's packed with clever and entertaining action, not to mention some of the most highly impressive, razor-sharp graphics you've ever seen, along with terrific music and sound." – GameSpot

"Each level is packed with examples of intelligent game design and at its best moments this game should be counted among the reasons to go out and get that new console everyone's been talking about." – IGN

"If you enjoyed Rare's previous efforts like Jet Force Gemini and Donkey Kong 64, you're going to enjoy Kameo: Elements of Power. As solid an adventure as anything Rare has put out, this game is a must-have if you're looking for a well made 'platformer'." – GameDaily

"Considering that the bulk of the 360's launch lineup consists of sports games, racers, and FPS titles, having another genre represented with a quality title is definitely a good thing. Rare fans will most certainly enjoy Kameo, and even non-Rare fans will be pleasantly surprised." – GameSpy

"Despite its more humble origins, Kameo: Elements of Power is among the best audio/visual showpieces for your Xbox 360 at the moment." – Gaming Age

"Kameo: Elements of Power is the type of launch game that every new console needs. Its cutesy image may not appeal to the hardcore crowd, but the core game is nearly flawless. It's a game that you'll want to continue playing - it doesn't feel like 'work'. The characters are imaginative, the visuals are outstanding, and the game is downright fun." – TeamXbox

"The environment seems to stretch for miles into the horizon; clouds of particle effects cloud the screen wherever Kameo moves and every individual cobble-stone reflects light and shadows, thanks to Rare's parallax mapping technique. It may sound like we're sitting on a hefty pile of Microsoft's cash, but the Xbox 360 truly brings this fantasy world alive like the first Xbox never could." – Kikizo

"Littered with fantastic ideas and genius puzzles that prove why Rare is king... There are so many subtle features in Kameo you're always guaranteed a surprise."  360 Magazine

"Almost the instant you crack into the dramatic opening level Thorn's Castle, you're reconnected with key traits of Rare's back catalogue; the co-operative puzzle solving of Banjo-Kazooie, the engaging characters of Jet Force Gemini and the chest-beatingly satisfying gameplay of Donkey Kong Country." – Official Xbox 360 Magazine

"Kameo may not be 'M' rated and ultra-violent, but it's a very worthy entry in the 360's launch lineup. Hidden underneath the heroine's cute, sly smile is a solid helping of classic Rare goodness, just waiting to burst forth. Layer on the excellent combat system, beautiful visuals, and an orchestral score, and you've got a game well worth checking out." – Yahoo! Games

Top Quote
"Rare's ditched one of the things that's plagued many of their titles in the past – collecting a truckload different stupid crap." – Game Informer (preview)